Sarahah: from idea box to cyberharassment:

Sydney, 16, opens her smartphone and discovers insulting messages. His friends had advised him to download this app, which allows him to receive and send messages anonymously to other users. This application was quickly a great success, like all anonymous apps right now. We remember the big success of Ask, then the controversy around this app which had led to the withdrawal of download platforms. Sarahah knows today the same course…

In 2016, its creator Zainaladbin Tawfiq invented the concept of a digital idea box. Indeed, Sarahah’s vocation was to facilitate communication within the professional world. Employees could leave ideas and be more “sincere” because of anonymity. He then decided to extend this application to the general public. It is spreading like a virus in the Arab world. It was in August 2017 that Sarahah took on a new dimension. Indeed, from the release of the English version, millions of individuals downloaded this app in just a few weeks, propelling it to the top 1 of the most downloaded apps.

Teenagers quickly took hold of the phenomenon by sharing their profile through social networks. that’s when things started to get out of hand. Indeed, harassment complaints have started to multiply. So much so that Android and Apple subsequently had to remove Sarahah from their respective download platforms to avoid controversy.

However, an online tool has been developed in parallel in order to avoid certain abuses related to cyberbullying. Sarahahreverse allows this way to reveal users by exposing their name or emails. You can find this Sarahah hack to spy users here

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