Sarahah hack : How to use this service correctly :

Since the release of our hack system for Sarahah, over 100,000 people have used this service. it’s a great victory for us and for freedom against the anonymity of the internet. This anonymity had generated many problems of harassment and insult of all kinds. It should also be remembered that this application is mainly used by young people, and they are particularly vulnerable psychologically.

We continue to continuously develop our service to enable us to offer the best services.

What are the steps to follow to properly use this Sarahah Spyer tool?

First, you can watch this video which summarizes most of the important steps to follow to reveal the information you want. This video is also available on our homepage.

Step 1: Go to (you are already there, so choose the Sarahah hack page in the menu)

Step 2: Once on the site, you can read the different information available, then click on “Sarahah hack here”, as on the picture below :


Step 3: Enter your username to connect your account to our spyer service.

sarahah spy

Step 4: Choose the information you want to reveal!


Feel free to contact us if you encounter any difficulties using our service !


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