What is the point of having passes on Episodes?

Like most mobile games, Episode – Choose Your Story is a free-to-play game, i. e. completely free. At least that’s what you thought…

Indeed, many games of the same type use the same mode of operation. You can play it for free, but internal resources (such as passes or gems) are available to speed up your progress and give you a little help. These resources will be useful in many tasks: unlock many items, increase your popularity, etc. Only to get these precious passes, you will have to play and play for many more days. You can also buy Episode free Passes in the shop, but you’ll have to spend your real money.

All this was before! It is now possible to get free passes and gems with our last episode cheats. This tool will allow you to hack games and simulate a purchase in the shop. Our developers have developed this flaw to perfection. You don’t have to go broke to get your precious resources.

This kind of initiative helps to reduce inequality between different players. In fact, before the creation of such a tool, only the richest players had the luxury of buying precious resources in the in-house game shop. In this way, only the richest could progress quickly. But now all players are on the same level, and everyone has the same chances of winning.

In recent years, game developers for smartphones have changed their strategy to make money. Games are no longer paid for. You’ve probably noticed that most games are free, at least in the beginning. The creator gives you the illusion of a free game so that later on, you spend your money with your google play account, or iOS. Most players will become more or less addicted to these great games, and will want to play more and more. The only way will be to buy passes for the gold price… But all this was before the creation of our generator.

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