All you need to know about anonymous messaging app

All you need to know about anonymous messaging app

In recent years, anonymous messaging has become increasingly popular. Their number has been increasing since 2010. Teenagers are the biggest customers of this type of app. They are therefore the main users of these anonymous platforms. The principle is always the same: send hidden messages, and no one can know who sent it.

The first successful application of its kind is Ask. com. The aim was to ask anonymous questions publicly, i. e. everyone could see the questions asked, and these answers. The user then had the option of answering or not. This application was the subject of a bitter controversy after the suicide of a young girl who was harassed by an unknown but anonymously protected attacker.

Recently, new models have been appearing on the anonymous messaging market. This is the case of TBH (To Be Honest) and Sarahah, the Saudi App which means honesty in Arabic.


TBH became so popular that Facebook bought the app to avoid losing its teenage clientele. In fact, this application is very popular in American colleges and high schools. Like Instagram and WhatsApp, the other apps acquired by Facebook, TBH will retain its brand and will continue to operate independently. The department will be able to count on the financial, technological and human resources of its new owner to accelerate its growth.

The second big app in this style has great success is Sarahah. This application became popular with young English and American kids this summer. Indeed, this summer, the app has become one of the most popular apps to download from the apple store. The principle is somewhat the same, but it is not a question but a remark or simple message. The release of this app and its success led to the appearance of a new kind of tool. With this sarahah reveal tool, it is possible to spy users to reveal who is sending you messages. It’s evidence of the success of this kind of app lately.


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