What future for the Sarahah app?

Since its release in July 2017, Sarahah has experienced many problems and received a lot of criticism. If you remember, this application had come out of nowhere and arrived first downloads on Iphone in just a few weeks. This impressive success is due in part to the Snpachat update, making it easy to share links via its story. Since then, teenagers have massively used this feature to receive anonymous messages, which explains the rapid success of this anonymous messaging application.

Shortly after its huge success, the app was criticized from all sides. The anonymous side that teens liked so much was less popular with their parents. In fact, many associations of parents and others have taken action against Sarahah. The cause? An impressive rise in mobile harassment. Many children complained of insulting or even humiliating messages. Faced with this phenomenon, the parents were quick to react and de-confirm this anonymity system.


This anonymity system had however made the success of this mobile messaging system. It was intended primarily for the business world, and the country where freedom of expression is still being called into question. This allows employees or citizens to express themselves freely, without fear of oppression. So the initial goal was to defend people’s freedom, but there was some drift.

Thanks to our services, it is therefore possible to reveal the users of Sarahah who send you messages. This helps to calm tensions in this controversy, or some parents call for banishment of apps from the youth apparatus. Using this Sarahah hack and spyer tool allows you to expose people’s profiles on social networks. It discourages teens from insulting themselves or exchanging “embarrassing” messages.

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