The famous App Telegram launches its crypto currency

Encrypted messaging has succeeded by raising more than 1.5 billion dollars to create its own cryptomonnaie

The Telegram application is a very popular messaging application. Indeed, it has the advantage of having a very strong encryption system, allowing secure communication. The two brothers who launched this application in 2013 completed their fundraising with nearly $1.7 billion. These two Russian developers are also famous for the creation of the “Russian Facebook” Vkontakte.

The Telegram application is intended to serve a rather noble purpose: to allow free communication through the encryption system in countries where regimes are repressive. The app now has over 200 million users, which demonstrates the success of this application. This application joins Sarahah’s cause, where the primary goal was to allow or facilitate communication, where it is sometimes complicated to express oneself freely.


Remember that Sarahah has been removed from the download platforms following a scandal related to harassment in schools (which could have been avoided with the Sarahah reveal spyer tool)

Telegram is known to be ultra secure. This application can be found on Politics smartphones, or even journalists.

The security system is based on a kind of blockchain, in the manner of Bitcoin. In this way, the creator of the app released a new virtual currency called “Gram”. The purpose of this currency is to allow secure transactions. In this way Telegram moves from courier to commercial, a stroke of genius for this multi-billion dollar company.


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