But why doesn’t anyone talk about Sarahah anymore?

This app had made a huge buzz this summer when it came out. Yet today, nobody talks about it anymore… Yet Sarahah is still present on the smartphones of young people and is still widely used.

Adolescents still use this app, but have stopped sharing their Snapchat story. As Noah says,”My friends already have my profile links, I don’t want to be harassed all day by strangers”. Harassment was a problem that had already been raised by the parents of the adolescents concerned. Anonymous messaging had been a victim of its success and many young people had taken advantage of it to settle their accounts anonymously with their classmates.

The application has even been removed from the download platforms since February. Indeed, a mother launched a petition gathering more than 450,000 signatures for the withdrawal of the application. This mother partly denounced the horrible and demeaning messages her daughter received through the application. Despite this, many people still have it on their phones and can still use it. The Sarahah hack is still active.

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