Coin Master free spins reward

1. Get free spins on Coin Master

Coin Master is the game to play today, with more than 50 million users worldwide. It’s the perfect game to pass the time. Developing your village can be a boring mission once you have reached a certain level, so you need more and more spins to earn coins.

There are several obscure and unknown ways to get free spins, and it’s 100% legit !

1. Use a daily spin reward

This is the simplest, fastest and safest method. To help you, we have selected one of the best spin reward giveaway:

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2. Invite your friends

One of the fastest ways to win spins is to invite your friends to the corner master game. With each confirmed invitation, you get 40 coin master free spins, easy, huh?

2. Participate in the temporary event

To win as many spins as possible. These events are randomly available. The best way is to connect every day and play only when the rewards are high. Do not underestimate this method. You can win up to 10,000 spins depending on the day.

2. Have a large number of free spins

Earn Coin Master coins with your Spins

Spins are automatically generated every hour on the game and you save about 5 per hour. They are one of the easiest ways to get coins and there are different types of rewards that give you many Coin Master coins.

When you spin, you can win a few coins directly. There are 2 kinds of rewards for coins:

A simple coin: It gives you a small amount of coins around 1k each time you roll it once. As there are 3 possibilities, you can get up to about 25k at most if all the reels go on this reward.

One bag of coins: It gives you about 7.5k coins per single roll or about 100k coins if all 3 bags are rolled.

The amount of coins mentioned above is the amount you get when you are level 1. Each improvement at the village level increases the amount of the reward.

Coin Master, simply additive

Released on June 20, 2017, the mobile game “Coin Master” (pronounced “cone masteur”) has already seduced thousands of players all over the world and yet, its gameplay is really very simple. ?

Developed by Moon Active, the game Coin Master is free and available on the AppStore, Google PlayStore and Amazon. Coin Master is inspired by a very famous casino game but you don’t have to line up 3 Seven to win something. In fact, it is very easy to win corners (virtual pieces) in this game and it allows you to build small villages. ? But here it is, you are not alone in the game. Players from all over the world can attack your village, and even steal corners from you. ? That said, you can do the same and take revenge if you wish.

Building villages in Coin Master

As you will have understood, the interest of winning corners in the game Coin Master is to be able to buy elements for your village, and improve them. For that, as soon as you have coins to spend, go to the “Village shop” and buy what you want. ? Tip: Play at least twice a day, and more times if you don’t win shields. Indeed, an unprotected village is a vulnerable village that will cost you more corners ?

However, to move on to the next village, you will need to buy everything ☺️. If an item has a “Fix” button, it means that your village has been attacked. I advise you to repair quickly because the more attacks you suffer, the longer it will take you to complete it. ?

How to get free extra spins and corners on Coin Master?

Sometimes, you may be missing just a few hundred pieces to improve an element of your village. At this point there is a dilemma: either you keep your corners and risk a “raid”, or you find a way to get extra coin master free spins or coins. ?

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