Coin Master free spins reward

1. Get free spins on Coin Master Coin Master is the game to play today, with more than 50 million users worldwide. It’s the perfect game to pass the time. Developing your village can be a boring mission once you have reached a certain level, so you need more and more spins to earn coins. […]

What is the point of having passes on Episodes?

Like most mobile games, Episode – Choose Your Story is a free-to-play game, i. e. completely free. At least that’s what you thought… Indeed, many games of the same type use the same mode of operation. You can play it for free, but internal resources (such as passes or gems) are available to speed up […]

The famous App Telegram launches its crypto currency

Encrypted messaging has succeeded by raising more than 1.5 billion dollars to create its own cryptomonnaie The Telegram application is a very popular messaging application. Indeed, it has the advantage of having a very strong encryption system, allowing secure communication. The two brothers who launched this application in 2013 completed their fundraising with nearly $1.7 […]

Sarahah hack : How to use this service correctly :

Since the release of our hack system for Sarahah, over 100,000 people have used this service. it’s a great victory for us and for freedom against the anonymity of the internet. This anonymity had generated many problems of harassment and insult of all kinds. It should also be remembered that this application is mainly used […]

Sarahah: from idea box to cyberharassment:

Sydney, 16, opens her smartphone and discovers insulting messages. His friends had advised him to download this app, which allows him to receive and send messages anonymously to other users. This application was quickly a great success, like all anonymous apps right now. We remember the big success of Ask, then the controversy around this […]

All you need to know about anonymous messaging app

All you need to know about anonymous messaging app In recent years, anonymous messaging has become increasingly popular. Their number has been increasing since 2010. Teenagers are the biggest customers of this type of app. They are therefore the main users of these anonymous platforms. The principle is always the same: send hidden messages, and […]

What future for the Sarahah app?

Since its release in July 2017, Sarahah has experienced many problems and received a lot of criticism. If you remember, this application had come out of nowhere and arrived first downloads on Iphone in just a few weeks. This impressive success is due in part to the Snpachat update, making it easy to share links […]